Saturday, August 4, 2007

Miha empty space

This is one quick example of two different empty spaces with the transition between them. In this case I took the middle value of blocks dimension, while proximity between blocks stays the same, I could also took middle value of building coveridge, or FAR etc., but it also depends on the nature of empty space.
Andrea, you already found an example in my Neumayr project about how neighboring masses are affected by empty space... they just get taller.


andrea said...
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andrea said...

Thanks a lot Miha,
somehow to me now it is less clear what you meant by empty spaces.
In this last example, I understand it in terms of the result (left over space) after mass distribution. So that means, within a certain aerea the percentage of groundcoverage changes?
Before that, I understood it more in a way of void-volumes - kind of negative space.
And I thought for the latter it would be interesting to describe different types. (let´s say 3)
e.g. dimension/ program, function/ impact on the neighbouring masses: maybe one type of empty space just pushes all masses to its boundary line as you already said (could be a public park, size?), maybe another one collects the volumes to combine them in one building surrounded by the empty space (could be public building (size?)….

I wonder if it would be possible to add the concrete figures of building volume, block depth, height, gross floor area, ground coverage, site etc. So that non professionals get an idea of dimensions.
Do you have an idea of how many people would live there if one says that all of it would de housing?
Or how much of the building mass has to be social infrastructure … I am sure you thought about all that, for the TUW people it would be helpful to get those dimensions aswell.

As Peter already told you, we had a small workshop yesterday. In short, we agreed to think about the variables and interrelations in a very abstract but precise way, so that one can apply the rules to any scale and any site. Because of the configuration of the coulour table plus screen we have to include the fact, that the manipulation should be perceptable within that view - out of a human perscpective. I will distribute the report tomorrow.

miha volgemut said...

This was just quick example...Yes of course, it can be also negative space, or total void or whatever...
What you mean with social infrastructure?
I'll put concrete figures right away.

andrea said...

great! your last post includes very precise examples. With social infrastructure I meant facilities like (e.g. Schools, University, etc.) this was just the idea to combine the "urban objects" from Reinhardt, with your szenario ...
have a nice holiday!