Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Summary 2

Last Sunday we had a small workshop in Vienna with Yue, Peter and Thomas to sum up and combine the different proposals everybody posted. During our discussion, we tried to relate the material to the three topics I gave at the beginning.

RULES: - geometrical interrelations, in this case: which affect the city´s morphology considerably.

SCENARIO: - hypothetical “play processes”; how can the interaction at the table be guided meaningfully

SITE: - first evaluation whether a field scenario at "Aspern" can fulfil the requirements of the workshop.

A number of questions and some answers arose during our discussion. (these were the main-problems)
- since the most important issue is the interaction between participants and participants and objects, the rules are not to be thought as a kind of simulation generated by the computer
- because of the configuration of the colour table plus screen we have to include the fact, that the manipulation should be perceptible within that view - out of a human perspective.
- so we agreed to think about the variables and interrelations in a very abstract way, to enable the application to any scale and any site.

Here is the outcome of our Sunday discussion. (Any comments, questions and thoughts are most welcome!)

Today I discussed it with the TUW; there are still a lot of things to be solved or even thought about, but generally the task is now clear. More soon.

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