Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thursday summary

We had a very interesting discussion Thursday evening.
Going through the material we recognized, that the combination of the three approaches could work fantastically as the basis for a first scenario. It is very useful that we have different, very interesting approaches concerning the scale and contents of investigation.

I have an appointment with the TUW people next Thursday.
So for Wednesday I would suggest,

to further develop the single ideas, this includes the kind of representation so that the TUW people can easily understand and implement. Furthermore everybody should give a remark how the single approaches could be combined.

Reinhard, please define a set of ”urban objects” with specific characteristics,
and make a proposal how to use them within a scenario or negotiation. How could one include the notion of the physical appereance?

Yue, to further develop your very precise approach, I think the next step would be to think about what it really means to define cubes with different quantums of daylight and street access. Which are the parameters that define this kind of quality? How is the orientation on site (north, south...) Which of them are variable/adjustable (max-min) and which of them are fix figures: (sun angle, distance between the building, building-heights…) Within the Viennese building code you can find some figures. Maybe Thomas can help you with it (see below).

Chingfang, thanks fort the definitions, I am waiting for your first step, so that I can react.

Miha, it would be very interesting to think about how the building masses react to the impact of “empty spaces”. Are these spaces empty by definition, or are they different kinds of (public/ open) spaces, which themselves need a certain amount of building volume.
You could give some examples how the building volume at the borders is affected by different kind of empty spaces.

Thomas, since you started with the list of possible rules, and I was told that you are keen with urban codes concerning real numbers I would suggest that you think od and summarise the interdependencies of object-object, and object-ground conditions related to the Viennese building code. Further on this could serve as a fantastic collection we can refer to.

Peter, I am waiting for your first step. The investigation in the traffic-topic is very interesting and very important. Don´t hesitate so much.

Zulfiye, are you with us? Please collect visual Material (images, aerial views, perspectives, maps …) of the Aspern site, with the limits and possibilities of the spatial representation of the colour-table in mind.

So much for now - more on Monday. It would be great if you don´t produce last minute, so that we can discuss within the process. Thanks!

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